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Fforc Nest from Glynogwr
View to Fforch Nest from Glynogwr
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Map of Wind Farms current and planned - July 2013

The relentless saturation of the landscape and despoliation of our mountains goes on

Update May 2014

Planning Application for and extension to the Pantywal Wind Farm has now been received by BCBC. It is for 12 Turbines 125m to hub as shown in X on map below. Details can be found at the BCBC Planning Search Page under the Reference P/14/293/FUL

To the North

Fforch Nest and Pantywal were commissioned in the Spring of this year, already the developers are planning extensions to both. They are expected to seek planning permission from the respective councils in late 2013 or early 2014.

To the South
The replacement of the 20 53M Taff Ely turbines by 7 110M turbines has been sanctioned by RCT. The applcation for extension of the Myndd Portref Wind Farm by 7 turbines of 110M went to RCT Planning dept in November 2013.


Wind Farms at July 2013

Proposed Extension to the Pant y Wal Wind Farm

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The application Number is P/13/73/ ESO Further information can be found by entering the number at the planning search on BCBC Website

Proposed extension to Fforch Nest Wind Farm

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See what the Gilfach Skyline looks like now



Blade for a 110M Turbine up Close

Delivery of Turbine Blades st Access Track

Swatt and GVAG back alternative energy.
Swatt and GVAG were pleased to a help an alernative energy source which does work by contributing to Match Funding

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Who Swatt are and what we do

SWATT was originally formed in 2005 as a result of two planning applications totalling up to 27 Wind Turbines, 378 ft high, in an area to the North East Glynogwr and North of Gilfach Goch, Mid Glamorgan.

We cover an area on the edge of the Coal field plateau North East of Bridgend embracing the villages Glynogwr, Blackmill Gilfach Goch and Evanstown which straddles both Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon Taff County Boroughs.(See Map)

The more we studied Wind power the more we discovered its limitations and realized that it was not an answer to the need for renewable energy. We began to look at the A in SWATT

Wales has many alternative and more efficient and predictable source of energy. Around our coast is one of the best tidal energy reserves in the world. The Severn Estuary has tremendous renewable energy generation potential and we must explore the most environmentally acceptable ways of implementing this as a high priority. Welsh companies are working on innovative underwater turbine technology. Wave power schemes such as those being trialled off the Scottish Coast would be another obvious option. Further, as a legacy of coal, South Wales is well served with deep mines – Could these be exploited for coal gasification and/or geothermal energy? If so, it would bring real investment and jobs back into the Valleys and provide a potentially inexhaustible source of reliable local power and what about clean coal? All the potentials have been all but ignored in the rush for Wind.

We hope you find something of interest here either locally or covering a wider field.
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